Certify Audits using blockchain

AuditOne, a security audit company based in Germany, is using tProof solution to timestamp their audits reports. This allows them to prove the authenticity of their audits and ensure that they have not been tampered with, as it's a major advantage over traditional methods of timestamping, which are often susceptible to fraud.

Blockchain is a distributed database that allows for secure, tamper-proof record-keeping. When a document is timestamped using blockchain, it is assigned a unique hash that is stored on the blockchain. This hash cannot be changed, meaning that the document cannot be altered without it being immediately apparent.

This makes blockchain an ideal solution for timestamping audits and documents in general, as it guarantees their authenticity and prevents any attempts at fraud. The security audit company can be confident that their audits are safe and trustworthy, giving their clients peace of mind.

About AuditOne

AuditOne is a smart contract security audit company. They help blockchain projects to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in their smart contracts. By auditing the code of a smart contract, they find potential security issues that could be exploited by hackers.

The audit process usually starts with a review of smart contracts code, to then test it to see if it is vulnerable to any known attacks. If any vulnerabilities are found, they work with the project to fix them.

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